my digi-diary!


its like, 4 am... this is the longest i've stayed up since moving into our new home... im so excited for the future of our house!!! we just went out with my (future) mother in law who so generously bought us a few pieces of furniture. we got a new mattress, a cool big chair that could double as a bed, a few barstools for our kitchen bar, and this GORGEOUS canopy bed frame... i wanna cry, i've always wanted a canopy bed since i was little... look how pretty...

my hyacinths also bloomed earlier (yesterday..?) im so happyyyy... look at them!
i tried using some jacuzzi jet cleaner on the jets in our upstairs tub but... sadly theyre beyond repair. theyre so fucking filthyy i was so sad... oh well. we'll just have to replace em i guess... ... in some way, making a diary entry on my unfinished site is kinda like my house right now, focusing and completing something small in an open new place full of possibilities... hehe...


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