my name's miffy! (or vinnie watever)

i use he/him/his pronouns. my close friends can use

she/it with me, but if i dont know you well,

do not overstep that boundary.

i'm 22, and im engaged to my amazing perfect man diavolo.

we met in 2011 and hes my best friend~

i was born and raised in east harlem by my

immigrant parents. i'm moroccan and filipino!

i now live in a house in the forests of florida with my fiance,

two cats, two rabbits, and a hamster!

ive known art was my specialty since i was 7!

while im known for my art and illustration, i actually have a criminal

amount of hobbies. ill try to list them all just because i like to brag lol

not only do i draw, but i am preeetty decent at

coding, sculpting, kandi beading, playing bass, styling and cutting hair,

making jewelry, makeup, fashion, nail art, singing, playing the ukulele,

interior design, baking, animal care, embroidery, gardening,

diy, and probably some more shit lol

im a very obvious aries and my friends have always associated me with rabbits, fluttershy, strawberries and princess peach!

ill put molre stuff here someday oieuiyhdfjdwaaauuuuuu auuu auu auuuu